How to run a blog: Modern,Cheap,Fast

In this article i will explain how I’m actually running this blog. Obviously this era is and going to be in favor of automation and running Wordpress (WP) probably doesn’t make a sense. Putting WP or similar solution in a cloud and running VM or EC2 instance doesn’t justify the costs either. I was exploring ideas of having static web site and using AWS S3 for this purposes. Sounds good initially. But that means that i have to learn website development which is whole another story. Thankfully there are some static web sites generators. I was in between Hugo vs Jekyl and decided to go with the first one. Still idea sounds good. We have static site engine that can generate webpage, then i move it to S3. How about new posts/modifications/edits? Note this engine has to regenerate page everytime there is a change. Then it is a process of moving generated folders into S3…

All of us experimenting with cloud (or trying to be a guru). So i decided to leverage native AWS services (no EC2) to make this happen. Here is high level diagram of how it is working :

All starts usually with a great mug of Belgium beer, which triggers a lot of activities afterwards :) Using texteditor (VSCode for example) blog post can be written. All that is required is to push it to GitHub in my case ( AWS CodeCommit will work too). The rest is taken care for you by AWS CodePipeline which monitors Github changes. Once it sees the change, CodeBuild will deploy small Ubuntu VM, install Hugo package, build site using data and push it eventually to S3. It all happens very fast and you might not even get a chance to drink your first bottle. This is deployment phase. When it comes to consumption, i’m using AWS Route 53 which points to CloudFrount (Nobody can reject free SSL certificate that Amazon provides) which in turn points to S3 bucket. That’s it. When it comes to cost here is average monthly cost :

Oh yeah, good 6-pack of beer costs 10,99$ + tax. Cheers :)